Superstars – Slot by NetEnt

Superstars is here! NetEnt’s most recognizable characters have gathered for a remarkable celebration of online slots spread out over five rows and five reels. The game has medium/high volatility and features dazzling lights, colorful fireworks, and non-stop joy all providing a luxurious feel.

Diamond Scatters, Wilds decorated with stars, high-paying symbols that showcase NetEnt’s characters, as well as the helpful Buy Feature all have the same goal, to entertain you.

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Superstars Slot: An Overview of Gameplay

Players have the opportunity to join this wonderful Superstars party by placing a bet in the range of 0.10 to 100. The top-tier playing card symbols--10, J, Q, K, A--are rendered in vibrant, stylish designs for the lower-paying symbols. The more rewarding icons of this exquisite game are expressed through the well-known NetEnt characters: Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Space Wars Brute, and Starburst octagram.

The Wild Symbol represented by stars, can replace any other lower or higher paying symbol to complete bet lines, except for the Scatter Symbols.

When you achieve the feat of three or more Diamond Scatters, they will gleam brightly and open the way to the Bonus Game. Therefore, you had better ready yourself for the Free Spins and the opportunity to unlock the Final Game!

If the red Dice Scatter appears on the fifth reel, it will take the place of the Diamond Scatter and provide you with a Dice roll during the Bonus Game before your Free Spins begin!

Taking Advantage of the Feature for Purchase

For those who can't wait to start their space-themed adventure in he Superstars slot, the Buy Feature is the way to go. By paying 150x the original bet, you can instantly join the VIPs of this 96.08% RTP game and enter the Bonus Round with some Free Spins up for grabs. Your efforts will be rewarded with amazing Multipliers!

Superstars Advantages: Free Games, Rotations and Additional Functions

When 3 or more Diamond Scatters appear on the reels, in the Superstars slot the Bonus Game with Free Spins is initiated. If a Dice Scatter is seen on Reel 5, the player is granted a Dice throw as the initial step of the Bonus Round. You are about to embark on a journey that takes you through a world reminiscent of NetEnt's signature settings. There, the Free Spin reels are contained within a board game that is floating in the air.

At the start of the Free Spins, the Scatters that triggered the Bonus Game will change into random Multiplier awards and stay in their original positions on the reels from the main game. All Bonus Games will begin with 3 Free Spins, and if a new Multiplier prize emerges, the number of Free Spins will reset to 3.

Rather than the Diamond Scatter being present, the Dice Scatter is the one that can appear on the fifth reel for the main game. During the Bonus Game, one dice roll is allowed to move the red token if a Dice Scatter comes up. Should any Dice show up in the Bonus Game's Free Spins, they will be tallied on the Dice counter and you can roll as many as you have accumulated.

The moment you have the Dice, you will always be rolling them in order to activate Free Spins. The score of the Dice decides how much the small red token can move along the Free Spins reels in the board game atmosphere. If you happen to land on particular squares, you will trigger the Bonus Features featuring the most famous NetEnt characters!

Finn Bonus

When melodious tunes of the flute fill the air, the mischievous leprechaun Finn will throw his four-leaf clover upwards, potentially increasing the Multiplier awards on the reels by +5, unifying them into a single generous reward.

Gonzo Bonus

As large golden blocks descend from the heavens, increasing the possibility of 24 Multiplier prizes on the Free Spins reels by 2x, 3x, or 5x, Gonzo will take out his saber and wave it around.

Miss Banks Bonus

Lady Pig is well-known for her generous nature, and up to 15 of her Multiplier rewards - ranging from 1x to 5x of the stake - will be randomly placed on the reels. If these Rewards happen to be positioned on top of an existing prize, they will add up and stack on the reels.

Space Wars

The mischievous lilac extraterrestrial Brute from Space Wars will cause a ruckus on the screen of your device, as he gives out three extra respins. This also incorporates three of the major Multiplier awards on the reels, with potentially some extra copies thrown in for good measure. Is it just us, or are aliens a major hassle?

Starburst Bonus

The renowned Starburst Wild will place three equally-sized Multiplier awards on the Free Spins reels. These awards range between 2x and 5x. It is represented by a bright octagram with gems.

An Added Advantage - The Spin Bonus Feature

For the Superstars Free Spins tally to rise to its maximum of 4, the red token must be situated on the square in the top-right corner of the board. Not only does this bring the maximum Free Spins up to 4 until the Bonus Game has concluded, but it will also reset your counter back to 4!

An Added Benefit of Extra Life

When you receive an abundance of Dice, you will be rewarded with an Extra Life, which is represented as a beating heart. When your Free Spins counter goes to zero, the Extra Life will reset it back to the maximum amount of either 3 or 4.

Features of the Wheel Game

A look at the various characteristics of the Wheel game reveals its novelty and fun. It provides a unique experience for players that are looking for something different than traditional board games. Additionally, the wheel adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, as players must manoeuvre it around the board to achieve their goals. The game also has a wide range of components that can be used to customize the experience, such as different colored pieces, tokens, and other features. The Wheel game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and will keep players coming back for more.

When you reach the Bonus Game with your red token on the board, you have the chance to give the Wheel a spin to unlock one of the amazing features it has to offer!
Gain 1 Dice when you roll the Dice;

In Superstars, Rolling the Dice twice will add 2 more to your stash;

  • A +1 token will increase the Multiplier values when it appears on the Free Spins reels;
  • Upgrade will add 1x your bet to all unassigned squares on the board and raise the Multiplier values of all prizes;
  • Choosing the Random option will direct you to a Wheel of Fortune-style game for Bonus Features from Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Space Wars Brute, or the Starburst octagram;
  • Replay will give you a ticket to replay the Bonus Feature if you are fortunate enough to activate it.


The last match has come to its conclusion and the results are in.

The last round starts when all the reels are packed with random Multiplier awards. All of the squares on the game board that surround the reels, excluding the top-right and bottom-left corners which will provide Dice, will possess multipliers of 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 500x, or 1,000x.

At the commencement of the Final Game, you will have the same number of Dice that you had obtained from the Bonus Game. The Bonuses you have left will be converted into extra Dice. Every Free Spin and heart will be transformed into Dice. Your number of Dice rolls will be doubled if you still possess a Replay Feature golden ticket you haven't used from the Bonus Game.

By rolling the Dice, the token can be moved around the game board in order to pursue amazing Multipliers.

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