Match bonuses in Canada

Online casinos in Canada use incentives such as match bonuses to encourage potential customers to join. They vary from one casino to another.

Most gamblers or players prefer placing bets on soccer or any other sport virtually as opposed to driving to a brick-and-mortar casino.

Match bonus casino list

The match bonus varies, so take time to compare them to find a casino that suits you.

What match bonus means in online casinos?

  • It’s a percentage of the total deposit;
  • You can use bonuses to place bets for real money.
  • Your deposit is matched either partially or fully.
  • Some bonuses offer free spins.

Match bonus is deposited into your account when you deposit funds. It’s a percentage of the total deposit.

All new customers get a sign-up bonus. Use it to learn the ropes before depositing real money.

How to claim match bonuses?

The casino transfers the bonus to the client’s account whenever they deposit funds to play the game. Similarly, all new users get a sign-up bonus after depositing.

Example of match bonus

If a casino offers a 50% match bonus, you will get an extra 100 CAD when you deposit 200 CAD. Your total bankroll will now be 300 CAD.

New match bonuses in Canadian casinos 2021

Canadian casinos continuously come up with new match bonuses. Compare them to identify the casino that best suits you.

Match bonus terms & conditions

  • Deposit an amount higher than the minimum threshold
  • Exhaust the bonus within the set period

Your deposit has to exceed the minimum deposit to get the bonus.

Wagering requirement

It’s a condition attached to a promotion to govern how a player spends the winnings after a promotion.

Restrcited games

These are games are games that you either cannot play or do not qualify for the match bonus.

Maxbet rules

You cannot bet with amounts higher than the stipulated max bet. High roller bonuses have high max bets.

Cashout limits

It is the amount of money you can withdraw at once or within a given timeframe after winning.

Payment method limits

It’s the maximum number of payment methods in an account. The sites detect the number of payment options added.

How to use match bonuses wisely?

Use it to place bets on risky or long-shot sports bets and wagers that you wouldn’t be comfortable betting on using your money.

Always exhaust the awarded bonus before the expiry date to avoiding the entire amount. Check the terms and conditions to take full advantage of it.